I got inspired by this presentation (even didn’t attend the event) and wrote down some ideas about a diagraming app that is kind of similar to what the presentation was featuring. We have obviously no definitive way to make them effectively though, the more knowledge and practices about these kind of apps we have, the better our apps must become. So, why not write down my experimental practices for anyone’s sake?


I believe Silent is obviously weaker than other characters, can be the weakest to be honest, so it’s not my fault that she was slain by the heart’s 67 no mercy slap.

Nowadays I restarted leaning English. To get used to it more, I try to write a diary in English. This is just a diary for leaning.

日々Slay the Spire(以下、StS)を登っては突き落とされるアセンダーの皆さんはStSの言語設定を何でプレイしているだろうか?